Well, we're just about a month out for the 2011 version of the Khaki Cup and, speaking for myself, it can't come soon enough...

We've been kicking around a few ideas for this years event and have come to some conclusions.  While we were seriously considering a revival of the khaki/blue rivalry, we have decided to build on last years event and move forward.  Team Rainmaker does have their entire team back this year, so I figured that was sign that they have some unfinished business. The plan is to keep these teams going for 5 years, than switch them up again when we return to Bandon Dunes in 2015.  Bandon is such a great place, we are throwing it down as the St. Andrews of the Khaki Cup rotation.  Plus, in 2015 we can have an epic 3 par contest on the soon to be constructed 12 hole Crenshaw Par 3 course.  Now I'm off topic...the teams for this years Pow Wow on the Mesa...


Wiese Captain Ferret
CJames (Captain Emeritus '00-09)
Kevin Pedigo (new add from Fort Worth)
Big Shot Rob


Shearer, Captain Rainmaker
All Day
Facebook (Captain Emeritus '00-09)
Jay Knott (rookie from Dallas)

I know what you are saying...Ama and Brandt are on the same team?  I'm figuring they will be paired together for Saturday mornings round at Twin Warriors.  They'll show up on the 5th tee, already 4 down, and still win the match 4&3.

We have also decided on a few changes to the format for this years event.  Friday morning at Paa Ko Ridge will still be an 18 hole BB match, followed by the 9 hole event.  On Saturday, we are going back the old Khaki Cup format, with a Chapman round in the morning, followed by alternate shot in the afternoon.  Last years scramble was used because we had limited daylight to finish and because I felt it was an easier format for the 36 hole walking grind of Bandon.  We shouldn't have either of those problems this year, so we're going back to a couple of formats where you can't really hide...especially the alternate shot.  

That's it for now...more updates to follow in the upcoming days and weeks...

Kent and Johnny