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Hello boys,

Welcome to 2011 and the first Khaki Cup update for the new year.  We had a tournament meeting in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, where we gathered and experimented with some new ideas for the tournament.  Actually, there was some experimentation going on but, nothing tournament related.  We concluded two things during the four day meetings...we should have invited Amadeo and Brant as advisers for our meetings and that Jendro might not be a great golfer but, he is a world class hedonist.  Well done boys...

We are set to go for July 28th-31st of July in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Hyatt Tamaya will be our gracious host for the event.  Room reservations have been made, although I'll be sending out information shortly for those of you that may want to upgrade room preferences.  I've reserved some basic doubles, as well as some suites.  We are going to set a deadline for committing to this years event, although we are not restricted by strict cancellation policies like last year.  I'll get that info out to everybody soon...

Agenda for the trip....Costs for trip

Thursday nights captains dinner will kick everything off as usual.  So, I'm sure we'll all be there for golf on Thursday, if not before.  Twin Warriors golf course is on the hotel property, so convenient.  There are some other good options in the area, including the New Mexico University golf course, which is down by the airport.  You guys can decide on the need for a rental car, although it's probably not necessary.  There are shuttles from the airport to the hotel that run $40 per person and an additional $10 for each person in the party after.  A private sedan seating 1-3 is $83.80.  SUV for 4-6 is $102.69.  Van seating 7-10 is $112.14.  After we get to the hotel, transportation isn't really necessary.

For Friday, we are playing at Paa Ko Ridge, tee times starting at 10am.  This is supposed to be a great track.  They have 27 holes on the property, and we will see all 27 Friday.  They open 18 holes each day in the morning, then open the other 9 holes at 1pm after maintenance.  We are going to conduct our 2nd Annual 9 Hole Tourney and Cocktail Party on the other 9 at around 4pm.  Format will not be the same as last year, although it will still be an inter-team event.  The golf course is about an hour away from the hotel so, we have a 24 passenger party bus picking us up at the hotel in the morning and bringing us back in the afternoon.  There will be snacks and beverages provided, as well as some other treats.  Just another reason for not needing a rental car for the week...

Saturday, we are playing Twin Warriors in the morning, followed by Santa Ana Golf Club in the afternoon.  We're looking at similar situation to last year on format, although this year we have carts, so the caddy rash shouldn't come in to play.

Sunday's conclusion will be at Twin Warriors.  The tee times are starting around 8:30, so it shouldn't be a problem finding a flight out later Sunday.

There is a casino across the street from the hotel, so an extra night might not be a bad call....for everyone but McEneny...sorry Matty, they called ahead from Coos Bay...no more Coors Light for you!

So start checking on flights boys.  We are going back to 24 people this year, as I'm sure some of our former reliable Cuppers will be back this year.  If any of you know you won't be making it this year, please let me know.  We have a few months before we have to start committing to details but, it would be nice to be prepared. 

That is all for now...KW 

http://tamaya.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp  Hyatt Tamaya main site
http://mynewmexicogolf.com/golf/proto/mynewmexicogolf/  Twin Warriors and Santa Ana Golf Club info
http://paakoridge.com/  Paa Ko Ridge Golf Club