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Year 14 in the books for the Khaki Cup and, as usual, I’m trying to work through my KC hangover.  Not necessarily from heavy boozing, as I didn’t over-indulge, for the most part, after Wednesday night.  It’s more about the boozing, combined with the travel, and the six rounds of golf in four days…none of which I’m used to anymore.  I think I might have to take some private lessons from Eagle Eye over the winter and come back in 2014 as a professional.  I hear his rates are expensive but worth every penny, considering the knowledge being dropped…

So, I think the 16 of us that made the trip to The Prairie Club will agree that this was strong year for The Khaki Cup.  What a great venue for our little event.  I didn’t think we could top Sagebrush, although we might have come close.  Nothing is quite like having your own, world class golf course at your disposal for 4 days, with a private chef, although it’s not like we were overrun by tourists and hackers at TPC.  My expectations were even surpassed with the golf courses, as both courses were great tracks in great condition, especially considering they are meant to be links style courses.  And, The Horse Course was perfect for the Dougie.  Unfortunately, the weather kept us from setting up the bar outside for the event…although I don’t think anybody approached dehydration.

We’ll have to see if we can maintain the Texas vs. West Coast battle for next year, as it turned out to be a lot of fun and would continue to add flavor to the event moving forward.  I’d hate to not have spots for everyone who wants to come back and play…we’ll just have to see how it goes.  We’ve seen that this event is fine with 16 people, although I don’t think we’ll ever go past the 24 person level.  It always seems to work out one way or another…

Team Texas stepped up this year and took home the title with an 11 1/2 to 8 1/2 victory.  The vent was really decided on Saturday afternoon when Team West Coast couldn’t pull out a few of the matches that made it to the 18th hole.  Of the four matches for the Saturday afternoon Chapman, three went to the 18th hole.  CJames and Vierra used a routine two putt birdie to close out Clubbo and myself, after CJ hit a pretty impressive rescue club from 250+ onto the green.  It was a great match though and not as painful as the ass kicking CJ and Turner put on Johnny and I in the morning on Saturday.  Then, Schott and Turner earned a half with Desmond and Jendro, after Schott ”fired the laser” from 2whatever onto the back fringe in two and proceeded to can a 15 foot comebacker to preserve the tie…both those moments earned Schott this years ”shot of the week” award.

Sunday’s singles matches  still had some drama as, after last years comeback, it’s never over until it’s over.  I thought Team WC might have a chance to get back in things when CJ, battling the roofie we snuck in his morning blend, lost 16 to go even in his match with Cory.  It wasn’t to be for our only newcomer at this years event, and a rookie to this kind of competitive golf event, as those fairway bunkers caught up to him on the 17th.  Once again Schott and the new swing of JoeyG were able to hold on to defeat Clubbo and Fawcett and stick the fork all the way into the heart of Team WC on the 17th.  4-4 in the singles matches wasn’t enough to grab the comeback victory.  Congrats go out to Chris James who led Team Texas with a 3-0-1 record, taking home this years individual title as well.

2014…no telling what next years event might bring.  Last year at this time we were thinking Park City was going to be the site and we ended up in the sand hills of Nebraska.  I’m fairly certain of a couple of things though…it’s going to be a site where we can get in on Thursday and get out on Sunday…or at least have the option to do so.  The last two years, it hasn’t even been an option, at least not for those of us travelling commercial.  Regardless, it will be a place with numerous great courses, so if you did want to come on Tuesday and golf your ball, there will be plenty of options.  I’d also like to keep it a little closer to civilization.  We made a cruise through Valentine on our way out of town and came to the conclusion that, we were probably correct in talking Robert out of Saturday night trip into town.  While we want to maintain The Khaki Cup as a golf event (Vegas will never happen), we might need a year where we can get out and experience everything about a place…steakhouses, culture, the local museums, etc..  We are planning for a return engagement at Bandon in 2015, which is another site off the beaten path.  We should be able to keep it real and hang with the general public next year…we’ll see.

That’s all I’ve got.  Thanks to everyone for making it another great year.  Congrats to Team Texas…I’ll be looking for the trophy back next year bitches!





Khaki Cup 2013 August 8-11, The Prairie Club in Nebraska

Lodging Canyon Rim Cabins at The Prairie Club

Golf/Lodging/Tournament services for the four days is looking like $1150 per person

Additional Buy-in $200 per man,

Hats, Badges, & Favors estimated at $200 per man

Watching Mike Berry grind with Tournament at stake…Priceless

Update July

Three weeks away from the 2013 Khaki Cup…the 14th Annual event for those of you keeping track.  I’m pretty sure we have all the logistics handled, although I’m sure we’ve forgotten something.  I just wanted to let everyone know of a few things…

First off, this years event will have a little added flavor.  We’ve considered changing teams around in recent years to reflect some kind of geographical representation, although it’s never lined up with the makeup of the group.  Well guess what…the stars have aligned.  We’ve had some unfortunate situations that have resulted in an 8 on 8 battle this year, including a Baugh broken arm…as a result of Amadeo’s cart driving.  So, the 14th Khaki Cup will be the battle The Left Coasters vs The Texans….

Team Left Coast Hippie Lettuce
Kent Wiese
Johnny Shearer
Dave Fawcett
Clint McCubbin
Rick Jendro
Mike Berry
Mike Desmond
Cory Ennen

Team Open Container Gun Rack We Own Your Uterus Tejas
Chris James
Joe Gillespie
Jeff Schott
Scott Turner
Ramsay Ellis
Jay Knott
Steve Vierra
Robert O’neal

Yes, the Texas team has a total handicap that figures out slightly lower than Team Lefty.  We figure having the Fawcett intimidation factor equals out any handicap advantage.  Remember the Alamo?

We are thinking the 8 on 8 battle and the smaller group will be a good change this year.  Plus, many of the guys who couldn’t make it this year will most likely be back next year.  We love to have new guys join the group, although want to make sure we have some open spots for some of our Khaki Cup veterans when they come back in next year.

Also, it looks like most of us will be at The Prairie Club on Wednesday night.  I’ve reserved some tee times for Thursday morning at around 8:30, although I’m sure the course is flexible on that.  We’re not going to have the entire facility to ourselves like last year, although I’m not expecting it will be tough to find a spot on the range either.  We’ll still have the Captain’s dinner on Thursday night, I think around 8:00pm.

I didn’t realize until last week that Sand Hills Golf Club is only about an hour from The Prairie Club.  There is also a Nicklaus course in that same general area called Dismal River.  For those of you coming in from Denver, there is also Ballyneal, which along with Sand Hills, is considered one of the Top20 course in the country.  Sand Hills might be a little tricky to get on as it’s private.  If you can make it happen though, might not be another chance to be back in that area.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything that can’t wait until Thursday.  We’ll have only one round on Friday and the Dougie Par Three tourney that evening.  We should have a good part of Friday afternoon to relax or go play a few more holes if you want.  We’ll do 36 on Saturday and have a BBQ planned for Saturday night, Sunday singles to follow.  We’ll have the same $250 buy in, which will go towards team and individual games, as well as some money for The Dougie.  Everyone will have their own account and you can charge your costs…it’s a package deal for rooms, golf, breakfast.

That’s it…You ready Texas?  Should be a good one this year…see you all in a few weeks.



Update July 1st, 2013

Khaki Cup 2013 is just around the corner and everything looks to be in place.  We are still trying to finalize the exact number of players we will have this year, as we’ve had some recent defections.  It’s not a problem, as long as we have an even number of players.  I figured we’d eventually have a year when, for one reason or another, the core group of guys were going to have problems making the trip.  Between babies, jobs, kids, and other family matters, this looks to be the year.  Having said that, we do have some open spots if anybody has a friend that would like to play.  Like I said, we need to try and have an even number, so let me know and I’ll figure out where we’re currently at and go from there…

I’m also trying to figure out some arrival times for the group.  There is a group of us coming in Wednesday afternoon, arriving into North Platte at 5:04pm on Great Lakes Airlines from Denver.  We are trying to figure out whether it makes sense to get a shuttle from the course to pick us up and take us back.  The more the merrier and the cheaper the cost for everyone.  Right now, I think we have five of us (Wiese, Baugh, Vierra, Ennen, Desmond) arriving at that time.  We’ll probably do the shuttle, although I’m checking on Suburban costs as well.  A couple more guys on the shuttle and we’ll definitely make it happen.  Let me know on that…

Also, if you are also planning on arriving Wednesday night, I need to let them know for the rooms.

Otherwise, I think we’re looking at a great trip.  I’ve heard that the course is looking great this year, as it recovered nicely from Winter.  We’ll probably have a few new twists for this year, including a new format for Friday afternoon’s Dougie event on the par 3 course.  Also, with two course at our disposal and plenty of daylight, you should be able to go out for a few extra holes if extra money games are in order.  Especially on Friday…after the morning round there will be plenty of time for whatever before we get going on the Dougie.  Should be good times…


Update April 30, 2013

Another small update for this years event.  In looking to avoid the need for a rental car, I’ve found out more details on the shuttle situation from The Prairie Club.  The rates they have published on their web site are incorrect.  The cost of the round trip shuttle between North Platte and The Prairie Club is $750.  That is the vehicle cost, regardless of how many people are on the bus.  So, if we have 10 people, it’s $75 per man.  I’m still checking on how many the shuttle bus holds, although they through out the 10 person example, so I know it holds at least 10…
I’ve been scouting out the airlines and routes in and out.  North Platte is definitely the closest commercial airport.  There are two flights from Denver in the moring and two later on in the day on Great Lakes Airlines.  Pretty much the only way to get on the daily 7am flight out of Denver to North Platte is to arrive in Denver Wednesday night.  My guess is that we will have more than a few of us on that 7am flight, which arrives in North Platte at 9am local time (Denver is Moutain time zone, North Platte Central).  We could schedule a shuttle for that group, which would get us to the club at around noon.  If poeple are planning on flying Thursday and arriving later, we could set up another shuttle for Thursday afternoon.For Sunday, the last flight out of North Platte is 2:00pm, which isn’t going to work.  It looks like we can shuttle it back to North Platte on Sunday afternoon and catch either the 5:45 or 9:00am flight back to Denver.  I would recommend we get on these flights ASAP.  I don’t think these planes from Denver to North Platter are 747′s, so they could fill up.  I’ve been watching the rates for a few months now…they haven’t moved much.  I think availability is more of a factor than rates.The main point is, the more people we can get on the same page, the less the cost will be for everyone.  I don’t see how a rental car would be needed for this trip because everything is one site and, as far as I can tell, there isnt a fucking hint of anything to do within a few hundred miles.  If you are interested, a full size SUV from North Platte looks like around $425 for the trip.I’m also getting details on the shuttle from Valentine’s Miller Field for Air Schott…



Well, with the Master’s in the rear view mirrow, we are that much closer to the year’s fifth major, The Khaki Cup.  I was sitting on my couch watching Sunday, commenting to Baugh how boring this years event seemed to be developing.  Of course, like is usually the case, the back nine on Sunday is all that matters and this year didn’t dissappoint.  I know two of our members were at this years event (Senor James and Berry) , taking in a few mint juelips, or whatever uppity southern white boy drink they serve around that place.  Actually, Berry’s name came up on the first playoff hole, when both guys left it short of the green, leaving a nice up hill chip shot off a tight ass lie…I would have laid the sod over that one myself.  Sorry to pick on Berry…the pressure of the Khaki Cap is easily equal to the quest for the green jacket…

So, while there aren’t any deposits or early arrangements we need to get from anoyone for this years event, we do need to start solidifying the field.  With Justin and his Dad already out for this year, we have brought back in perennial members Joe G and Jendro.  in doing so, Joe has been banned from Lollapalooza for the summer and Jendro has already passed all background checks in the state of Nebrsaka.  It’s great to have both of them back.

Please let me know as soon as you can if you are not going to be able to make it this year.  We do have some people (other than Joe and Rick) who want back in for this years event.  We know that life continues to go on around us and, regardless of wanting to play in the event every year, it doesn’t always work out.  We’d like to get a solid count by May 1st, so just let us know when you can.

Once again, this years event is on the calendar for August 8th-11th at The Prairie Club, in The Sand Hills of Nebraska.  The facility has two great golf courses and an additional par 3 course, which will be utilized on Friday afternoon for this years event.  While it may be a little warm that time of the year, I’ve been assured it’s nothing that would take away from the tourney.  Plus, the course should be in perfect condition as this is the start of their busiest time of year.  Check it out…

For those of you curious on some of the details, we are staying in the Canyon Rim Cabins at The Prairie Club.  I believe there are three separate cabins in our area and we will be taking up all three of them.  They look surpisingly similar to last years accomadations…

The staff has been very accomadating with all of our requests…golf, lodging, food, drinks…they are definitely aiming to please, similar to Bandon Dunes.  Actually, as far as I’m concerned, we could go back to Sagebrush until the end of time and I’d be happy.  Hopefully, we will have a similar experience in Nebraska.

If there is anything anybody would like to suggest, please feel free.  Ideas for fun games for Friday’s par three Dougie…whatever.  You guys have all been down this road before and I’m sure have opinions on how to make the event better…even if that’s a small change or idea.  As long as it doesn’t involve me dressing up as Little Bo Peep, I’m down with it…

BTW, The Prairie Club is 122 miles from North Platte, NE, which is the nearest commercial airport.  The Valentine airport is 24 miles from the course, although is only for private planes and charters.  Great Lakes Airlines flies from Denver to North Platte, with multiple flights each day.  I think you have to help pedal to get the plane in the air, although most of us have strong legs so it shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m looking into some alternative options for group transportation from Denver to make it more convenient (no, not another bus).  I’ll let you guys know if it makes sense…

That’s it for now…




Welcome to 2013 everybody! I’m sure most of you have been wondering, when the hell are we going to hear from somebody about the 2013 Cup? Well, Johnny and I just got back from our yearly scouting trip of possible venues and, after a few days to recover, we’re ready to get this thing going for 2013. Our trip first took us to what was intended to be the spot for this years event, Park City, Utah. Little did we know we were visiting the same week as the Sundance Film Festival and the golf courses we’re covered in snow…I didn’t pay attention in school. Still, McWhorter hooked us up for a round at his course for the three of us and the midget guy from Game of Thrones. We played for 100′s, big guys against little guys. We only made it through 3 holes though, as Johnny thought it would be a good idea to challenge his playing partner to a wrestling match on the fourth tee and they beat each other up so bad, we had to call ski patrol to get back into the clubhouse….errrr, lodge. On top of that, we ended up back at McWhorter’s house with Lindsay Lohan, Quentin Tarrantino, and Charlie Sheen’s second cousin, who proceeded to burn down McWhorter’s house and the rest of the neighborhood. Subsequently, we were all banned from the state, including McWhorter, who was forced to sell his house…or what was left of it.

No problem. We hopped in the car and headed East across the Rockies. Two days later, after 18 bags of pork rinds and 9 liters of Hawaiian Punch, we ended up out in the middle of the sand hills of Nebraska, at the site for the 2013 Khaki Cup…

The Prairie Club, Valentine, Nebraska

The dates have been set for August 8th-11th, 2013. We looked at some other venues, although this place kept making it to the top of the list. The people there have been VERY receptive to having our group and willing to accommodate everything we typically need to make the event work. With two unique golf courses, plus a 10 hole par 3 course and sun light until 10pm that time of year, this place looks to be ideal. They have a group of canyon cabins that are set apart from the main resort area where we can pretty much do our own thing. It’s actually a similar situation to last year…I’m hopeful it is that good in reality, as I’m sure we could all agree.

For those of you wanting to do a little planning, there are some other great venues in the general area for Wednesday options. You’ve got the original gem in the area, Sand Hills, which is within a couple hundred miles of The Prairie Club. Also, Ballyneal is about 240 miles from TPC, although only 112 miles, back towards Denver, from North Platte, NE…which is the nearest commercial airport. Unless you are flying on Air Schott, North Platte is the nearest you can get via commercial airline and is 130 miles from The Prairie Club. Flying private, the Valentine airport is 15 minutes away and they’ll pick you up in a shuttle…so Gale and Baugh, you boys need to start writing some jumbo I looked at flights from SoCal into North Platte (via Denver) and they were running about $450…pretty typical these days. I know we’ve been to some places that are off the beaten path the last couple of years. For me, these places are a treat and what The Cup is all about. Golf took me to some places around the world that I would never have experienced otherwise…I guess I’m trying to continue that tradition. Have no fear…the 2014 Cup will be back closer to civilization…maybe Kohler. 2015…back to Bandon!

So, get it on the calendar my friends! Let us know if for any reason you know you won’t be back this year. Like we’ve said before, once you’ve played in the Cup, you are a member forever. We also understand that life happens and, like we saw with Joe last year, all of us will eventually miss a Cup. We won’t have the requirements we had last year for payment ahead of time, so that is not a concern. Costs, by the way, we’re another reason that set this venue towards the top of the list. We’ll have more details later but, golf/lodging/tournament services for the four days is looking like $1150 per person.

That’s it for now…all the best boys, KW

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