Sagebrush golf the 13th tournament summary

by admin on August 19, 2012


Sagebrush Golf

Well, is everyone back to normal yet? I know it took me a few days to recover…

Another year of the Khaki Cup in the books. Although Team Rainmaker made a furious charge on Sunday, the Ferret’s hung on for another victory. By my calculations, that means the Cup hasn’t changed hands for the last 6 years. I’ve heard cries for mixing up the teams, although like most other years, it wasn’t decided until very late on Sunday. Much like last year, both Gio and Berry were involved in the Cup clinching matches and, like last year, Gio came out on the good end. Props to Gio, Jay, Schott, and Berry for surviving the heat of the deciding matches. I’m not sure any of us could have performed any better with everyone watching.

Congrats also to a couple of the individual winners this year. Matty H’Town took home the individual corwn for best record with a 4-0-1 record. His only blemish was carrying around my tired ass at Tobiano…glad I didn’t cost you the title Matt. Also, big shout to Dave Fawcett for taking down the “Shot of the Week” honors. His 80 foot putt with 12 feet of break on 16 Sunday afternoon, sent him 1 up on Ramsay and pretty much ended the match. As it turned out, it was a huge point for the Ferret’s. With Ramsay sitting 40 feet away for eagle and Dave in definite 3 putt range, it was a huge putt, capping a five hole stretch where Dave turned a 2 down deficit into a 2&1 victory. Along with his 3-2 overall record and general cocksucking attitude, Dave takes home the title for 2012. Runners up included Gale’s putt from off the green to perserve a Gale/GDay victory in Friday afternoon’s alternate shot, Dai’s snap hook off the shed on 13, and Prattes holing out for eagle at Tobiano. The secluded venue of this years event kept the shot of the week on the golf course this year…we’ll see in the future.

My thoughts on this year’s Cup…pretty special. In hindsight, we could have just stayed at Sagebrush and played the entire tourney. Not that Tobiano wasn’t a great venue, it’s just that Sagebrush is a really special place. Huge thanks to Justin for greasing the skids on the venue and making it happen. And, HUGE props to Scotty Mac for taking care of us in a big way with the meals and general hospitality at the Hideout. For anyone that wants to reach out to Sagebrush, here are some contacts… Scotty McDonnell Kim Wolff Terry Donald

Johnny will have the photos and videos from the event up on the website soon. He has some big plans for the Khaki Cup site, including all of our pictures from past years.

Announcements for 2013 will be just around the corner. As we threw around last week, I’m really feeling the Park City, UT site for the 2013 event. The top three courses in UT are in Park City, two of which are in the McWhorter community. There are so many options for this kind of event, it’s hard to narrow it donw. We’ll keep you updated…

Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone…and thanks for making the 2012 Cup a success.


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