Colovista/Circle C 2000:

The inaugural event to test the idea of playing "The Khaki Cup" was played over the Colovista golf course in Bastrop, Texas. Colovista was basically two distinct golf courses. The front nine played as a flattish "Texas Style Links" course. The back nine was more like "Hill Country Golf" with some serious elevation changes and river bluff views. The course was just over 7,000 yards from the tips with a course rating of 73.4 and slope of 136.

As we did not keep records of anything at that point much about the first event is foggy. We do know that only sixteen competed in that first year. Teams were drafted in very democratic manner….out of a hat. No one can remember the exact score. We do however know that the Blue Team was victorious with two matches still on the course. And, that without a doubt a competition had been born.

There was no official "Captain's Dinner" although we did go grab some nice down home Texas style grub down on Main Street in the heart of historic Bastop.

The one thing that everyone remembers was that the evening after the first round we found some local watering hole that had every game known to mankind. Much money exchanged hands gambling on ping pong, pool, cards, darts and even Jenga.

World Woods 2001:

The second event found its way to World Woods in Brooksville, Florida outside Tampa. World Woods is a fantastic Tom Fazio course that has hosted a Shell's Wonderful World of Golf match between Phil Mickelson and David Toms. It was also at this even that the first official "Captain's Dinner" was held at the finest local establishment we could find called "Hooters" (yikes).

While the World Woods Pine Barrens course is certainly one of the best in America, the event was slightly tainted by an inefficient, rude staff and a washed out final day singles matches. The Blue Team collected their second cup due to the washout, but the cup had really been decided prior to that final day. The blue team needed to only collect 2 or 3 points of a possible 12 to secure the win. Had the Khaki Team been able to pull off a near sweep that day it would have been epic.

A "Louis Meltzer" rule was also developed to make sure that no one player assumes that his schedule or situation would take precedence over the tournament. Plenty of money exchanged hands during the nightly poker games. Post tournament festivities were held for most at the now defunct yet still world famous and not forgotten Mons Venus.

Pinehurst 2002:

The 2002 event was played at The Pit Golf Links and the quirky yet quality Tobacco Road Golf Club. At this event The Khaki Cup really morphed into an event closely resembling what it is today. A 14.5 handicap limit was instituted to encourage improvement for the fringe players. Those who cared to improve did, thus improving the competition. We stayed at a locally famous place called the Pine Crest Inn. It was there that a proper "Captain's Dinner" evolved. Wonderful food became a part of the tournament.

There were several unusually memorable events that took place in Pinehurst:

* Paul Agosta playing curiously like a single digit handicapper off a "14" coined the phrase, "don't hate the player, hate the game" in consoling a befuddled Kent Wiese. * Dave Fawcett gave everyone a scare and had a heart attack of sorts which was potentially caused by a world class 7-wood inflicted upon him by Jason Feder a day earlier. * Gio Locandro and Brian Archer imploded at The Pit losing 1 down after holding a 5 up lead with 6 holes to play against controlled substance influenced Dino Rinaldi and John Shearer.

The blue team racked up its third Khaki Cup title in as many years.

Bandon Dunes 2003:

It needs to be said first that the Khaki Team finally exacted their revenge in the grandest of fashion. This was the first tournament that came down to the last day, last group, and even the last hole. An over comfortable/under par Kent Wiese headed into the last three holes of a wind plagued day with a two up lead over John Shearer. Going into the final hole the match was all square. If John Shearer could have won the hole the score would be tied and the Blue Team would retain the cup. It wasn't meant to be as John Shearer's 120 yard nine iron took an illegal right turn without signaling. Kent would clutch up an casually knock in a downhill two footer for the Khaki Team's first win.

Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes even at their young age should be considered two of the best in the world. Also memorable were the perfectly appointed golf cottages which were a welcome retreat with everyone's dogs barking after 36 holes of walking. No doubt with the new Bandon Trails course now complete we will be back soon.

There were several moments at this event that entertained:

* Much to the chagrin of Kent Wiese and Matt Baugh this was the first year that blue blazers were instituted during the Captain's Dinner. Knowing it would be funny Matt bought a jacket at a local resale shop and ended up looking like a poor man's Howard Cosell. * John Shearer enjoying possibly one Laphroaig too many begins his assault on Joe Gillespie's character only to realize what had happened the next day and apologized. * Dino Rinaldi passes out during a "massage" due to too many pain killers. * Prior to the tournament Pat Schulte, a 14 handicapper at the time, carded a 37 in a match against John Shearer on the back side of Sand Pines, a course up the road from Bandon. * In the Kent Wiese versus John Shearer match the play was spectacular. John Shearer a 13 handicap at the time was only 8 over in the heavy winds on the difficult Pacific Dunes course. Kent Wiese had to shoot under par in those winds to facilitate his win. * Matt Baugh and his pretty swing took off the head of the snake taking down Chris James easily 5 and 4 in the singles match.

Canmore 2004:

This was the first "international" Khaki Cup. We played a three of the most tremendously beautiful courses situated between Calgary and Banff, Alberta: Stewart Creek, Kananaskis, and Silvertip. We were battling in god's country as they say. The tournament was blessed with the most beautiful Canadian weather as well.

Several memorable moments occurred in Canada:

* Brant Smith and his miraculous airborne 40 foot putt at the 18th at Kananaskis with everyone watching for the win. * The unusual drop from ground under repair into a "puttable" situation for Frank James and Paul Odland in their match against Dave Fawcett and Brian Archer. * Chris James is shocked to go four down after four holes in his singles battle against Mike Green only to win the next five holes and head into the back nine one up. * Frank James holes out from a mere 80 yards for birdie at Silvertip in his singles match versus Joe Gillespie. Frank goes on and throws everything but the kitchen sink at Joe to eek out a victory for the Blue. * Steve Justice is declared world's best putter by many. * Mike Green extricates himself from an abandoned mine at Steward Creek and goes on to win the hole. * With one down and one to play in their match versus Mike Green and Brian Archer, Chris James puts a 220 yard 3 iron to 4 inches for eagle and halves the match. * Many "loonies" were thrown at "French maids".

Pebble Beach Golf Links 2005:

Proudly the K Cup only took 6 events to reach one of the pinnacle's of golf, Pebble. McWhirlwind kindly elevated what was slated to be a monumental event by arranging a pre-tourney round and Captain's Dinner at The Preserve GC located in the heart of the Santa Lucia preserve and not far from where Trish and him were erecting their dream home. This is one of the K Cups that would be contested over 5 separate courses; Pebble, Spy, Spanish Bay, and Fort Ord Bayonet and Blackhorse. The competition which had been clearly growing more intense was decided on the very last hole of the very last match.

Memorable moments from Pebble: * Heavy fog delays the first round at Spanish Bay. * Slowish play and a slowish transistion to Spy causes the afternoon matches to be contested in literal pitch black. * #4 at Spyglass, Frank, Kent, and ??? hit the ball close closer, then Frank holed it???

Pinehurst 2006:

The first time we made the venture to the Pinehurst region, we decided on NOT including the Pinehurst courses. Not sure why, but thankfully this time we would play PH#2. One of the best courses in the world, bar none. Frustratingly challenging. Many a ball would be chipped across or repelled by the dome shaped greens.

Memorable moments from Pinehurst: * a Payne Stewart moment by ??? on the last hole * the bagpipe player in the light drizzle to begin our single matches at #2. * the bar at the Pine Crest Inn

Crosswater/Sunriver Oregon 2007

Northern Michigan 2008

Austin, Texas 2009 Played over Barton Creeks three very different tracks and at Wolfdancer GC. It was a return to the scene of the inaugural event in Austin 10 years prior. Barton Creek Golf video

Bandon Dunes 2010

New Mexico and the High Desert 2011