July 26, 2011 update. Fellows,

Yes, it's finally time to strap it up for another edition of the Khaki Cup.  Baugh and I went for a marathon short game session this weekend in preparation.  Actually, we just played the local muni and had a few cocktails, although it was an impressive showing.  My boy Baugh is bringing his 3 handicap and the heat...let's get it on.

I don't have a final tally on the cash needed on Thursday night, although it's going to be around $650 apiece.  This includes $250 for the bets, $200 for Thur/Sat dinners, $60 for transportation and refreshments on Friday, as well as hats, badges, photographers, engraving on the cup and some other things.  I'll have a breakdown in detail by tomorrow, although I wanted everyone to be aware of the $650 number for planning purposes.

Also, everyone remember to bring your blue blazer...that means you Kent, you little bitch.  Actually, this has become a welcome tradition and one we will try and continue.

On a side note, for the mid-day Thursday arrivals, we have a shuttle to take us to the hotel.  The guy will have a placard with my name for those who are there first.  Baugh (11:00am) is first in, followed by Clubbo, Rookie Mike, then us SoCal boys, and Vierra bringing up the rear.  Since I'm rooming with Steve, let's hope that's the only rear he's bringing up this weekend.

Weather...I know the reports say thunderstorms and I'm sure we'll see some.  They are quick moving and shouldn't cause much of a problem.  Don't bother with rain gear...if it's raining, there will be lightning and no golf.

That's it, I think.  Break out the war paint...let's do this thing!

Kent Wiese


We are in the process of developing a web presence and Google ranking for our site. The purpose is to offer publicity for the hotels and golf venues hosting our beloved tournament. This is of some considerable value to them; which we can use to improve our pricing for lodging and golf fees..the goal is to get a heavy discount or if our website is ranked top 5 for "golf tournament" in organic search results perhaps gratis. Another target for "sponsorship" are golf companies (free balls from titleiest with our logo's), wedges from cleveland, and clothing companies...such as when Lacoste gave us the deep discount on those sweet metro-cut shirts in '07.

Presently, our current project for Twin Warriors (in addition to the routine photographer) is to film at the Captains dinner and the first Tee box on Match Sunday. The videographer is assigned to film candid outtakes in addition brief interviews. The questions will be along the lines of "which golf course has been your favorite in the past 11 years of the tournament", "Explain what the golf fellowship is", etc. Be yourself; but stay away from vulger of degrading language as this is not our best foot forward to potential sponsors. The photographer will be taking a survey "what is in your bag" to catalog golf ball, driver, irons, woods, and wedges: totals will be published to make manufactures look good (80% PRO-V1?).

To our Fellowship,

John Shearer