Trip Cost
Friday, Paa Ko Ridge is $114, plus a $30 replay for our afternoon 9 hole extravaganza
Saturday, Twin Warriors $109, Santa Ana $69 (both plus tax)
Sunday, Twin Warriors $109
Total of $431 plus taxes
$228 per night, double occupancy, includes taxes (11.75) and resort fees ($16.00) per night
So, $114 a man for a 3 night total of $342 a man
I'm still working out the details on the Captains dinner and Saturday singles pairings dinner.  We have reserved accomadation for both events, although not sure on costs and food.
$250 per man for the bets as usual.  We will be breaking donw the money similar to last year, with $100 going into the team bet and the other $150 spread out over some other games.  We're still working on the other games, although probably stick close to last year (closest to pin, low socres, best indy performance), even though Gale won just about every closest to pin. 
Also, there is a $60 fee per man for the travel accomadations on Friday.  We've reserved a limo bus for everyone that will take us to Paa Ko Ridge (a little over an hour away) and back.  Out tee times on Friday start at 10:00 am, so bus will probably leave around 8:30.  Your fee for the bus will also include beverages both there (bloody's, vodka, OJ) and back (absinthe, tequila, and heroin infused rum), plus tip for driver.  The bus cost is $1000...I'm figuring the $440 should cover the driver tip and beverages.

Add on $25 for the hats and hole on one things and I'm sure a few other litle things that will pop up over the next few weeks, as they always do.

When I figure out the details on the food for the dinners, I'll have a "I need cash in this amount" total for everybody.  It looks like the dinners, golf and hotel will all go on your room charge.  We were trying to prepay for some of this to get a deal, although it doesn't look like that will work out.  So, for now, we are looking at about $350 per person in cash.  I'll update that if something else comes up.
As a reminder, there is a shuttle from the airport to the hotel.  Everything is onsite, except for Friday's golf and we have the limo bus for transportation.  Not really a need a for a rental car.
All other details are being finalized.  We have a few new things for this year, although Johnny is checking with our lawyers to make sure they are legal in New Mexico.  Should be a good trip...